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Our Company was made up in 2022 as Labour only Supplier, but because we have the right skills and the right training plus Experience in the background we did gone higher up into the Construction Market taking over Groundwork and Landscaping projects for example: Extension, Hard Landscaping, Driveways, Fencing etc. If you looking for a licensed and experienced professional to tackle a project, get guaranteed quality results with L GROUNDWORKERS & LANDSCAPERS LTD. We offer professional and reliable services for a wide variety of needs, working with the dedication and craftsmanship that has earned us a reputation for excellence. Get in touch for a free quote today.  

the services we provide are Groundwork, Landscaping, Fencing...


We are a fully qualify Company with all staff Trained up for any king off hard work ready to meet your needs!

Please take a look at our services!



If you looking for someone fully qualify to do a House extension for you up to FFL you come to the right Company, All Our Staff are fully Trained to do the necessary bits to deliver the project to the Higher and Safety Standard.


Driveways/Block paving 

As a Groundwork Company we are doing Driveways as part as our trade from Digging out, reinstatement up to finish, and leave our customers a happy place to be Enjoyed when is done!


Concrete Driveway/Roads

Because our Experience is Up to the higher level we are pleased with our result when we do Concrete Driveways, Concrete Pads and Concrete Roads.

We been working on Commercial and Domestic Sits and we are happy to keep doing the good work, Get in tach for a Quote!



We are prepped for any king off work and because we have over 10 years  Experience in the background we did install thousands off meters off Drainage during the Years, We have Experience on the Commercial and Domestic Sites and if you have the design on place and need a fully Qualify Company please Contact us for a Quote!!



As a Construction Company we have to Understand every Details when is coming to the process off building a House/Extension, Because the Foundation is the most important and first Stepp to star we are using a verry well qualified and well trained staff during the all construction process!!

Get in touch for a free Quotation! 

Hard landscaping.jpg

Hard Landscaping/Patio 

When is coming to the end process off building a House/Extension or even install a new Patio we are always ready to start taken over the work. Because we are working on Commercial and Domestic Projects we are facing Hard Landscaping every time and we are well prepped for building a new Patio!!

If you need a new Patio done please get in touch!! 


Resin Driveway

If you look for something more special on your Driveway we suggest you to have a Resin Driveway plus any king off design.

We like to work with Resin product because the Happiness off Our Clients douse say a lot!

Contact us for more details!



Our Fence team will surprise you how much work they can do when installing the fence and delivering the work from start to finish to the higher standard and verry hight quality !


Soft Landscaping

Our vision is to Higher standard when we need to look after a green or install a green area, Our Soft landscaping Team make us verry proud off being  Landscaping Company and do deliver a good working quality!!

Please get in tach if need any Turf laying or Tree planted at your Property or Commercial Site!!








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